THE SHACK is now open for the Season

Starting MAY 19 at 11:00am, We will be open everyday till 8. Sept 11, 2017 we will go back to our weekend hours. 

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the begining...

​A hard to miss location for true smoked-meat pilgrims is a trip through Lucinda to DB’s, located on SR 66, the main route to Cook Forest State Park and the Allegheny National Forest.  Owner, Doug Bauer recalls, “I grew up loving barbecue food and wanted to build something that people could rely on. I started DB’s Smokin’ BBQ, The Shack in 2013.”  Consistency and quality are DB’s promise to his customers.  Doug’s passion is always glowing in the shack. 

Customers line up on the porch to review an enticing menu.  Side items like DB’s Pitmaster baked beans, potato salad, slaw, smoked macaroni and cheese or Salt Potatoes are served ala carte as well as with a meal.  “If you’re gonna have good barbecue of whatever kind, you must get a good cut of meat.”  DB’s smokes 4 to 6 cases of meat a week, each weighing between 65 and 90 lbs.  The rub and the tangy, tomato/vinegar sauce have been developed over time.  

Doug believes this country was founded on BBQ and that his job is to keep those cooking traditions alive and preserve the techniques that founders of this country developed.  “It was a good way to cook in the 30s and it’s a good way to cook now.”  At DB Smokin’ Bar-B-Q the tradition is in good hands.